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The sun, they say, is dying. It hangs, fat and red, in the midday sky. It burns sullenly, and all beneath it feel its scorching rays. It can be hard to believe that the sun was ever hotter than it is, but we can almost see it when the spark catches in the engines and fire spews from the exhausts. The sun may be dying - but the engines, they hold life.

The Sandeater Convoy is a supplement for Leo Hunt's Vaults of Vaarn created as part of the Vaarn Summer Jam 2022. It adds a new location to the desert, the itinerant Sandeater Convoy, and provides information on it and its ruler following the style of Vaults of Vaarn's second issue. Also included in this project are tables to generate random vehicles and oil wells, as well as a list of brand new vehicle-related Exotica.

CategoryPhysical game
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TagsOSR, Tabletop role-playing game, vaults-of-vaarn


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